Real Madrid and FC Barcelona’s convincing wins & more | LaLiga Insiders | ESPN FC

Cristina Alexander and Rodrigo Faez are back for this week’s episode of LaLiga Insiders where they react to Real Madrid and FC Barcelona’s convincing wins this week & more.
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Tony Aaron II
3 months ago

Please get some Rode GO lav mics, GoPro 11s, and overhead lighting, and take the technical aspects of these videos seriously. Thank you.

3 months ago

Very convincing win today 🤡🤡🤡🤡

Michael Hodges
3 months ago

Rodrigo is an idiot lol. Xavi gets more credit than Zidane for this streak because Zidane had Ronaldo. Xavi literally got every player he wanted and forced Barcelona to take a hit for the future to get all the players he needed. Barcelona has the most stacked attack in Europe and the most depth in Europe. What a complete joke lol

Evan Khan
3 months ago

Seriously, get a better mic. Children in YouTube have a better mic setup than you guys.

3 months ago

Referee fc

jamal dbeski
3 months ago

TV incomes should be divided between la lega clubs equally like in the priemer league so there will be a proper contest.Clubs such as Saville Valencia Espanol and other clubs with the extra income can have the opportunity to win la lega title.

Usama Iqbal
3 months ago

ESPN, is it that difficult to sound check before posting videos

Mark Isahack
3 months ago

Music is f////// annoying

G Slang
3 months ago

We know Ceballos has admitted regretting chosing Real. I wonder when/if Asensio and Odriozola admit it. Real Madrid can hardly be called a spanish team anymore, and these young Spanish prodigies got caught up in the Real scouting machine. Target, Negotiate and promise the world, Sign, Bench or Loan, Sell.

kyle greaves
3 months ago


Jose A. Martinez
3 months ago

I think this season Barcelona is going to take it. Because yes Madrid are getting results but they are also getting some of them struggling and scoring on the last minute or late in the match like Almería, Betis or even against espanyol where they score two in the last couple minutes of the game. Where as Barcelona are just scoring 4 every single game. And basically towards the last couple of minutes the subs come in and the game is done for Barca.

Mino Levon
3 months ago

Real Madrid does not care about classicos and does not respect it anymore. Pay close attention to what Real madrid does they try to secure 100% wins vs weaker teams and the challenging games dont give best effort and always have alternative starting XI especially excluding Benzema from every classico from last 3-4 classicos i even lost track of that repeating behaivour. I know Real is the king of La Liga historically, but my love to Barca wont change whether they played good or bad, things will be good soon and we will start winning again and get the respect back. This is why Football is fun and exciting when an underdog team goes all out and wins with passion vs the historic team such as real madrid.

Tudor Serafimov
3 months ago

The sound is unbearable

Petri Järvenpää
3 months ago

"la liga" insiders 21mins total, 18mins of Real Madrid, 3 minutes Barca and thats it?

Broski Medula
3 months ago

Such a pretty lady

De Code
3 months ago

Lol, "we'll see if they get a revenge or who'll have the last laugh"… so because they got dribbled past & humiliated, Vinicius deserves those fouls? Btw, Vini's dribbles got more & more flamboyant because of the fouls of Mallorca.. I guess no mention of that?

3 months ago

Cut the music, it's obnoxious

3 months ago

People expecting vini jr to replace our clubs greatest ever player as a 18 year old who came form a different country, culture and language was totally unfair to him,it was clear to see that he wasn't ready, he always had to talent but his game was still raw ,him doing what he's doing now isn't that much of a shocker tbh, Neymar came to la liga around 21 when his game was ready,that's the same age vini had his breakout season, not saying he's better but I'm saying his level has raised at the right time 💯

Michael St. Hill
3 months ago

The problem with Vinicius Forever Junior is that he dives constantly and never gets punished.
Then you add his jeering celebrations he's your typically obnoxious Madridista….
Can't beat the likes of Pedri, Iniesta and Messi Blaugrana class.

Universal Content 🐐
3 months ago

From what I can see now Barcelona stand a very big chance of winning Laliga.

Rabiu abdullah
3 months ago


Trev G
3 months ago

It is beyon mere mortal's comprehension how a any club can be 1.4 Billion in debt with a minus 140 million wage limit and in a course of several months spend over 130 million on transfers and players and be in contention for the league title. If ever there was a case that la liga is nothing more than Real Madrid and Barcelona and a bunch of minnow teams this is it. The Getafe's , Rayo, Celtas, Valencia's, Villlareals of the world have absolutely no chance whatsoever in this league. This league is strange indeed.

manes hipocrates
3 months ago

El CLassico will be great though! Below par English premier league with their fake wish to be the world's best. Fraudiola made it a farmer's league after spending 2 billion pounds on players at Sheetty.

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