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Beautiful Zambian sugar mum is on this site looking for an active guy who is very serious in relationships. However my name is Rita and I am thirty four years old.

I am a Zambian by birth but I then grew up here in South Africa. This means I am a citizen of South Africa. My high school and my university I did them here. Now I am self employed, I work for myself and I am satisfied with the money I get.

Although I did not stay for long in Zambia, I still know some few things about my culture. This side I live with my little sister. Yes I got a house but I can’t live alone, I get bored. My business is stressing sometimes and I don’t have anyone to give me some love to lighten up my mood. I am moving in to my house soon and I need someone to keep me company.

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What this beautiful Zambian sugar mum currently about right now

Right now I can say I am financially strong. Although money is never enough I need someone to love while am making more. Someone who will motivate me to keep making more.

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I am looking for a guy to be in a serious relationship with. One who is willing to take me on an adventure of lifetime since I have missed out on a lot of things. I prefer an age range of thirty five to forty years old.

The kind of man I am looking for

A man who does not see himself as superior and is not boastful. One who considers gender equality and treats me with respect. A God fearing man who is non violent. Ready to settle with me and be loyal. Any race is okay with me. Has a source of income.

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Offers when you choose this beautiful Zambian sugar mum

Access to my possessions. Full support on everything you do . I promise to have your back as my man and give you all my attention, time and respect. More than ready to start a family with you. I can cover some expenses if not all.

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Because Facebook didn’t work out well for me, I tried SATESPACE. This is a new dating site which connects single ladies to serious men. Click the link below and get my whatsapp number. Sign up and join for SATESPACE.

If you want more pictures of myself simply get in touch with the admin of this site and get permission. Just get hold of the admin on the CONTACT US page as soon as possible.

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After taking my whatsapp number please then send me your sweet message and i will reply you very soon. But do not forget to upload your photos as well as your contact details together with your home address.

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I would like to visit you one of the days before you come and stay with me. Thank you so much for visiting SATESPACE and join it.

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