Roma-Fiorentina 2-0 | Dybala at the double! Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23

An outstanding performance from Roma’s attacking duo as Abraham provides twice for ‘La Joya’ to dispatch ten-men Fiorentina | Serie A 2022/23

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morning samar
10 days ago

Amrabat 🇲🇦❤🇲🇦

Akram Mohamed
10 days ago

Tammy Abraham masterclass

10 days ago

Why Dybala Not Playing In Spain or England ???

Ronald Airlangga
10 days ago

We miss you, Dybala, and we're happy to see you happy in Roma.

Ominudin Chanel
10 days ago

Paulo dybala 👍👍👍

Karta Siregar
10 days ago

Juve menangis melihat ini

Sw33t iAlucarD
10 days ago

Dybala would have had one of the most beautiful careers if he wasn’t so injury prone

Ngidam Scatter
10 days ago

Dybalaa is combeck

The Android Gamer
10 days ago

Tammy's vision 👌🏾
Dybala finishing 👌🏾

10 days ago


слава России!!!
10 days ago

Come ti piacciono il rum, i soldi monogo? nella Juve era meglio perchè Paolo perchè?

Oronno Zahid
10 days ago

Dybala showed his gratitude towards the assist maker while celebrating, this is how celebrations should be done unlike penaldo who always takes all the limelight though finally he got his well deserved asskick from his own teammates.

10 days ago

Dybala is back

bella daniella
10 days ago

Dybala itu pintar seperti inzaghi

TCM City
10 days ago

Dissapointed coz he didn’t do mask celebration

10 days ago

Grande DYBALA💛❤️

10 days ago


Simon Masilo
10 days ago

The Prince of Rome

F. Te
10 days ago

They remind me with lu- la but few years ago

10 days ago

무리뉴는 명장

urmila lama
10 days ago

Wow dybala

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