Single lady Sandra 28 need a guy who will not going to cheat me. Any place in South Africa>>WhatsApp me now

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Single lady Sandra 28 need a guy who will not going to cheat me. Any place in South Africa is much okay for me. Therefore let me say afternoon guys here is a single lady by the name Sandra staying in Polokwane. I am 28 years old and still single. I am here to look for a future husband.

Am expecting to meet the guy who is eligible and hardworking so that our future will be bright. Most of my friends got their boyfriend here on this site. So by so doing i would like to get mine too. My passion is to date an energetic man who can leave me tired every night. If you are the one i will stop searching today.

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I am a single lady looking for a relationship which last longer and create a bond between you and me. I also like the best boy who can out shine others. My passion is to try and impress the one i choose so that i would not have any competitor near me. We separated with my ex-boyfriend after he cheated on me, i discovered it after his girlfriend (now his wife) got pregnant. Oh my God i cried. i was comforted by Caroline who said SATESPACE is full of men.

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After hearing this i decided to visit that special platform and then i posted my issue there. Thanks sop much for the admin who accepted my post. I just sign up and leave my number together with my residential address. From there its calls after calls from different guys but the problem is i am not yet find the most reliable and genuine one. Here i am also looking for someone who is reliable and genuine guy for marriage. Someone who is above 20 years of age.

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You need to sign up on SATESPACE and get my full details before you can even text me. There on satespace you can find a platform where you can upload your photos also. I need to view your photos so that i can select you with my own choice. Sign up below now using the following button. If you get any problem please do not hesitate to consult the admin of this site on the CONTACT US page of this site for assistance.

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After signing up upload your photos, your direct whatsapp number, your home address as well as your date of birth. I am saying this because i need a mature love. If you loose influence with me it means you are not serious and i can not be hooked up with someone who is not responsible.

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I want someone who do not have any children please. We are going to have children together when you select me. As your loving wife we are going to live the good life together. I have a lot of cash so that if we want to invest we can invest a lot together for the future of our children.

I am here to support you financially, spiritually and morally. Also am going to give you what you want that is if you show me that you are a genuine guy. Please if you are interested with me you can just contact me now.

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