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I’m Sarah. Born in Johannesburg, I have always liked amapiano before it became so famous world wide. I don’t have much taste in movies but documentaries would do. The other thing I love a lot are dogs. Chihuahua is my favorite breed because these are usually neat and lovely. They are also good and peaceful did and they get along with cats.

From as young as twelve, I have been attending different boarding schools. You can imagine how difficult it is to get into a serious relationship given this situation. By the time you finish you will be so confused as to where you want to go with your life. The people you think you wanted are not actually the ones you love to be with. Confusing.

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I have a few expectations, specific ones.

Age- Don’t even think about talking to me if your still a teenager. I’m in this site to look for serious marriage and tattoo teenager can’t marry each other, that’s a fact. Better you wait a bit and get older then you can start texting Larry’s online because women prefer older people. I know the person who really deserves me does not feel offended by this.

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Potential- Without considering education or whatever love skill, a man who had a plan for the future is a good leader. In looking forward to marrying a leader. Prove to me that you are worthy it. I like men with ideas. Know what you are planning to do with your future. Painting, singing, dancing, sports, I just don’t care. Just have your focus on something.

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Humility- Of course you have to be humble. You might have dollars and cats but that doesn’t count to me is your are not humble about it. You will just be one of those teenagers who thing material is everything to yours world. Be smarter than that.

I’m real

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