Serious single mom need a toy boy to date

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Serious single mom need a toy boy to date and my name is Charity. I am thirty-nine years old. My husband passed away on a car accident 6 years ago and left all his riches to me. However l was his only wife .

l am one of the well known richest sugar mummy in Durban. Therefore l own saloons and boutiques here in Durban. l was busy all these past years and l never had time to date someone . Therefore l need someone to share ideas and happiness with since l was lonely all along.

Type of a man this serious single mom wants

I am looking for a guy who is between the age of twenty to thirty. A handsome and smart man who I ready to give me his love, time and care. Someone who know how to handle woman very well and not shy.

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A man l can go around the world with every month just to have fun. A man who has business minds because l need my business to grow. lt doesn’t matter if you are not going to work, all l need from you is true love

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My offer

Just make me your sugar mummy an see how your life will became. You will have access to everything around me. l can also take care of your family members especially your parents.

If you are still at school i will sent you to study even abroad if you have interests on that. Be genuine to me and trustworthy so that i can prove my love to you.

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Get in touch with this serious single mom

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l can’t wait to meet you, hurry up.

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Also if you go straight to the CONTACT US page of this site it is where you can get my home address. In case you want to come to my house feel free to come.

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