SHYLEEN Single Lady 30- I need a husband who can be a good stepdad to my 4 year old son.

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SHYLEEN Single Lady 30- I need a husband who can be a good stepdad to my 4 year old son. My name is. I am a mother to a son who is turning 4 years next month, Bruce. Bruce is my only son and i have not been in marriage since his father ran away. About myself, i am a hardworking woman who owns a range of restaurants across the whole South Africa.

All the money i have is something i worked for. My son never slept on an empty stomach even when his father left. I am a good mother and a good wife. If love is what you want then you have found the right person. You can go down to the last paragraph and take my WhatsApp number then inbox me.

My dream man

To be honest i will only be interested in a man who is older than me. My son likes athletics so a man who inspires him to be the next Usain Bolt would really impress me. You guys can share stories while you escort him to school. Money and financial status are not my consideration. What i want is a man who is trustworthy. I do not care if you have heard over ten divorces before. If you are willing to build with me please feel free to throw in your cv on the contact paragraph. i would go on and on but the truth will be discussed only by the two of us.Please contact me if you are only serious, anything else beside that you will get blocked.

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