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Hey there, i am a single beautiful lady by the name Claire Stabile and my surname which I like to not expose on this page. I am a twenty six year old single lady. However I have been in a relationship for two years and I have been disappoint last minute. My ex fiancé did not show up at the wedding and later told me he can’t get married to me.

However I am a happy and kind person. I am respectful and well mannered. My culture teaches me to be more respectful to anyone. Right now I want someone who can be serious with me.

I always thought knowing someone for a long time before marriage is essential. Only to realize after the greatest disappointment of my life that it means nothing. Therefore I don’t mind knowing you for only two months and getting married to you.

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This single beautiful lady is looking for

I am currently looking for a serious single man as i am also a single lady. Honestly I don’t want someone who has kids. This is because I want to avoid complications in my life. One who wants marriage sooner and help me move on with my life.

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In addition, I want a man who is responsible and smart. Someone I won’t be ashamed to introduce to my family. I want a hardworking man whom I am sure can be a father figure.

My promises when you make me your wife

When you choose me, I promise you will be the happiest and most loved man on earth. I will treat you right and take good care of you. You will be my own king in my world.

ALSO CHOOSE  Dolly, 21. looking for a man to give me company

Moreover, I am an independent lady who works for herself. This means you won’t have to worry about some of the bills. I will help in covering some expenses so as not to give you a burden.

How to contact me

Due to privacy reasons, I put more of my details on SATESPACE. Click the link below and join. When you do search for me then you get my number. I am waiting for your whatsapp message.

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ALSO CHOOSE  Dolly, 21. looking for a man to give me company

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