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Beautiful single lady will spoil you with love if you take my number and text me. However I am a twenty-seven year old lady looking for real love. My name is Linda and I reside in Bloemfontein. Therefore I am an entrepreneur here. My parents wanted me to get married when I was twenty-four. The reason I did not is because I wanted to make money first.

Besides I thought it was too early for me and I was not ready for marriage by then. Right now I feel I am financially and emotionally ready to start a family. I tried moving out but I always felt lonely by myself. As soon as I find a serious partner, then I move out and start living in my own house.

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This beautiful single lady is looking for

A hardworking man will be a perfect match for me. My preference is a single man whose age ranges from thirty to thirty-three years. Location is not a problem as arrangements can be made. I want a man who also works and will be able to do man duties in the house.

Attention, affection and loyalty is more of what I am looking for. A non-violent man who prefers is abusive. A man who knows how to solve misunderstandings through talking and not fighting.

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However love is the first obvious thing I am going to offer. You will have my attention, affection and respect you ought to have as a man. Access to my possessions. I will cover some of the expenses if not all. I will love you and you only, stay loyal and true to you. Committed in our relationship.

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