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Gorgeous farm girl Lindiwe is looking for a life partner. Hi, I am Lindiwe from KZN South Africa. However I am looking for a man who is ready to be my partner for life . Therefore I am 25 and am searching for a man who ranges between 27 to 35.

I grew up on my parents’ farm and the only time I left the farm was when I was in high school. For this reason my exposure to man has been limits hence the struggle to find a life partner.

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When my parents passed on, the farm was left all to myself. l was their only child. However I have not been able to enjoy my parents’ inheritance since I do not have a partner.

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Therefore I am looking for someone who has a profession and is a hard worker. This is so that we can build an empire together. As for me, I am hard working , very kind and well culture.

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More so I am also fun to be around and easy to please since am use to a simple farm life. However I am also able to do all the chores a normal wife can do for example cook and wash clothes for my partner. My partner should however be prepare to tour the world with me.

Since all am always on farm mountains, cattle and goats therefore I am very curious to see what’s out there. I am looking for someone who grew up in a city who will be able to show me what I have been missing out all my life.

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If you are out there, remember gorgeous Lindiwe is waiting for u to create an adventure of a life time. Just click the link below and search for her name. Get connections before you know it.

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Take my contact number as well as my farm address and visit me if possible. If you want my pictures i submitted them to the admin of this site. Just get hold of the admin on the CONTACT US page of this site and get the photos. Thank you so much for reading my post.

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