Toss, Lamiez, Amaroto and Pamela join the Bathu family (Video)

Bathu sneakers company has signed new celebrities, Toss, Lamiez Holworthy, Pamela Mtanga, TDK Macasette and Amaroto (Reece Madlisa & Zuma).

The company announced the new member of the family on social media and they celebrated over a dinner hosted by the company.

Somizi who is already a part of the company also showed up for the celebration.

These celebs will actively promote the sneakers.

Join us in welcoming Amaroto, Lamiez Holworthy, Pamela Mtanga, Toss & TDK Macasette to the #BathuFamily,” the brand announced.

Meanwhile, Bathu opened her 34th store following the announcement of the new ambassadors.

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