Zodwa Wabantu confesses to having 11 abortions


Zodwa Wabantu has wowed so many of her fans with her recent confession.

The star confessed that she has had alot of abortions in the past.

Zodwa made this known on the latest episode of her show,  Zoda Wabantu: Uncensored. 

In the recent episode as part of her spiritual and traditional healing journey, Wabantu needs to “bury” the spirits of the children she aborted in the past.

This is as she has to honour their lives in order to be able to actually heal through her own gifts. As such, she needed to buy her “deceased children” outfits and stage “burials” for them.

However, it did not end there as the  the mother of one had alluded to having had four abortions in her entire life.

But then during the episode, she delivered a shocker as she stated to have had a total of 11 abortions in her entire life.

This is really shocking as many of her fans have reacted to it to know if its just content or is real.


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